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Introducing: Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons – The Ultimate Irons Customized Specifically For Your Height And Swing Stance That Allow Your Body To Naturally Follow It’s Perfect Biomechanical Swing And Drop Your Scores Faster Than You ever Thought Possible!

All Sterling Irons™ single length irons have the exact same flex, lie angle, weight and length so you’ll only focus on one swing instead of having to learn 8 different iron swings.
As a perfect example: If you were to get a top firearms expert to tell you how to arm your home, he would say to have several units of the same gun. So, if you chose Colt 45’s then you’d only have Colt 45’s around the house.
This way when something goes bump in the night and you pick one up tired and sleepy, you know what you have in your hand and you know how to use it. To quote a saying where the author is unknown ~ Beware the man with one gun – he knows how to use it!

Sterling Irons

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This is the technique that anyone can master and allows even older or out of shape golfers to launch long ball drives further down the fairway than they ever dreamed possible and become the envy of all their golfing buddies!

When You hear all the world’s top golfers talk about something all the time you know it has to be something important. Well, some call it club speed and some call it swing speed, but as everyone knows it’s a super hot topic amongst the Pro’s!

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A lot of Golfers, all across the country, are right now discovering Jaacob Bowden speed training programs that can help anyone to add 30+ yards to his drive. Would you like to know how to increase your speed? it’s simple and you don’t have to be fit as Tiger or Camillo Villegas to reach that goal.
The Swingman Golf Training System consist of a few very subtle changes in technique, it’s all about making small adjustments to your warm up and training. So, if your question is Do i have to change my golf swing? The answer is… Absolutely not! So, come to join Swingman Golf Training System, the online membership system that constantly gets update and is always immediately accessible wherever you are and become part of the more than 5,000 satisfied customers!

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Only when you look at how different your swing has to be from one club to the next, it becomes clear why it takes ages to master. Because you’re not just learning ONE swing…. more like 9 different swings, wouldn’t it be easier to reduce the number of variables in what’s already a very complex game, dial in just one perfect swing, and keep using it for all iron shots?
That is exactly the reason why more and more golfers are looking to try Single Length Golf Clubs like Sterling Irons®. There’s one setup, one swing, and less room for error. 
Created by pro golfer and swing speed trainer Jaacob Bowden together with renowned club designer Tom Wishon, Sterling Irons®, have a nice clean top edge, they’re not big or chunky like beginners clubs, and have minimal offset.
It just might be the easiest way to dialing in a consistent and repeatable swing, and ultimately being able to hit every iron flush right where you want it. And unlike old Single Length Irons that had non-conforming grooves, Sterling Irons® are CNC-milled and fully approved by the USGA.
Sterling Irons® are very comparable to what you’re already playing… except they’re single length, custom fitted to you individually as well as designed and handcrafted by one of the leading experts in the world.

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