ECP Treatment similar to EECP Treatment

Dr. Morepen NOW is now providing ECP treatment. ECP (External Counterpulsation) treatment (or EECP Treatment) increases the blood flow to the heart and opens up new blood vessels, which is popularly known as “Natural Bypass”. This technology also works as an alternative to Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty and is supervised by a Cardiologist. Over 200 clinical trials have been published in peer reviewed journals show that 90% of angina/ chest pain patients benefit and can prevent surgery.
This treatment is ideal for people who –
– Have Heart Blockage or Chest Pain (Chronic Stable Angina)
– Have Undergone Angioplasty/ Bypass Surgery in the past
– Want to avoid complications/ be heart healthy for life
– Have Lifestyle Diseases (High BP/ Hypertension, Cholesterol, Diabetes)
– Are No Option patients, Low EF, High Risk Patients

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