Stainless Steel Tanks, Silos And Cisterns

Feb 06, 2019

STEEL TECH s.r.l. has been operating on the national and international market for over 40 years, responding quickly to new needs in the field of stainless steel processing for the wine, chemical, pharmaceutical, dairy, oil and heating and plumbing industries.

The philosophy of STEEL TECH s.r.l. It is based on three fundamental objectives, such as:

The quality of the products, using first choice materials that ensure construction reliability, durability and price competitiveness;
The satisfaction of customer requests. Realization and customization of the products, from the single tank to the turnkey plant, are the firm points of its reality;
The effective and efficient service that can offer its customers maximum security, creating a point of reference in the market.

STEEL TECH s.r.l. produces its production in a total area of ​​about 8,000 square meters, distributing it in two sections: stainless steel tanks for the plumbing and heating sector in a 1,000 square meter factory and carbon steel tanks in another adjacent.

For the marketing of its products in the plumbing and heating sector, STEEL TECH s.r.l. it also avails itself of a commercial network composed of agencies with deposit throughout the national territory, guaranteeing a fast and incisive service.

Our products:

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