Punctuation and Grammar Everyone Should Know

1. How to use a semi-colon. The easiest way to prove you went to college.

2. When to use “that” instead of “which.” It’s not a simple explanation, but it’s good to know.

3. How to use an apostrophe. Hooray for plurals, possessions, and contractions.

4. When to use “an” instead of “a.” Use “an” in front of words that start with vowels or sound like they start with vowels.

5. When to use “I” instead of “me.” Learn why it is Tom and I went to the store and not Tom and me went to the store.

6. What compound possession is and how it works. Learn why it is Jackie and Jared’s wedding and not Jackie’s and Jared’s wedding.

7. When to use “whom” instead of “who.” Okay, nobody really expects you to know this one, but it is cool anyway.

8. How to use quotation marks. Know when the mark goes inside and outside the period.

9. When to use “i.e.” in a sentence. Use i.e. when making a clarification or defining something.

10 When to use “fewer” instead of “less.” Learn why it should be ten items or fewer.

11. When to use “farther” instead of “further.” Basically, you use farther when referring to physical distance.