9 Websites to Relax You

1. thequietplaceproject.com – Take 90 seconds to disconnect from everything.

2. donothingfor2minutes.com – Just relax and listen to the waves.

3. calm.com – Keep calm and visit this website.

4. weavesilk.com – Mesmerize yourself with some soothing visuals.

5. rainymood.com – Relax yourself with the trickle of rainfall.

6. noisli.com – A background noise generator with forest sounds, train sounds, wind sounds, and more.

7. classyfireplace.com – Sit by the fire and listen to some smooth jazz as the rain falls.

8. showerti.me – Simulate the soothing sounds of a shower without wasting water.

9. coffitivity.com – Enjoy the gentle buzz of a coffee shop in the morning.