8 Tips for Your Next Job Interview

1. Do some research. Know the company. Know their goals. Be capable of discussing these things.

2. Personalize your cover letter and résumé. Tailor your résumé to the company. Don’t hand over something generic that you have passed on to dozens of other companies. It shows.

3. Prepare answers to common questions. You will be asked what your biggest weakness is. Have an answer. Here is a list of other common interview questions you should have answers to.

4. Dress appropriately. First impressions are important. Look like you care about the job. Even if you are just dropping off a résumé, dress to impress.

5. Turn off your phone. You don’t want that thing going off during the interview.

6. Be punctual. The first task you are given is to be on time to your interview. Don’t screw it up.

7. Practice confident body language. Mimicking confident body language will make you more confident. If you have not watched Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on body language, watch it now.

8. Ask questions. Make sure the job is a fit for you. Ask about day-to-day responsibilities. Ask your interviewer what they like most about the company. Find out if this is somewhere you want to spend a good chunk of your time.