7 Tips for the Beard Grower

1. Keep it trimmed. Avoid the homeless look. Buy a proper trimmer, and keep those hairs maintained.

2. Avoid the patchy beard. Wait until you can grow a full beard before attempting to do so.

3. Clearly define the neck line. Avoid the neck beard look. Don’t leave stubble under the neck line.

4. Do not trim all the way to the jaw line. Start the neck line about two finger widths above the Adam’s apple. Imagine a line swooping from one ear lobe to the next. That is where you draw your neck line. Read this for more.

5. Do not let it wander too far north. Keep your cheek line in check. Here is a guide on what the cheek line should look like.

6. Trim your upper lip. Trim about a one millimeter gap between your upper lip and mustache. Make those lips pop.

7. Use conditioner. It is hair after all. Conditioning your beard will make it feel great and itch less.