50+ Traffic Exchange Websites to Get Free Visits Automatically

Traffic exchanges have a long and variable history in the world of Internet marketing. At times they have been incredible effective. At other times they have been nothing short of scams. Exchanges of all stripes exist today, with some of the best hidden behind walls of reviews and bans.

How Traffic Exchanges Work

In concept, the traffic exchange is a brilliant idea. Years ago, when the Internet was young and marketers were well meaning and naïve, they worked very well.

The idea works like this. You have a website, and you want others to see it. Your friend has a website of their own, and they want others to see it too. You send your website to your friend and tell them to look at it, and if they do, you’ll look at their site too. Now scale this up; instead of you and your friend, you have thousands of marketers with websites they want seen.

The traffic exchange itself is a central hub that regulates websites and views. You register for the site, because you want your site to be viewed by other users. The traffic exchange puts a bit stop sign in front of you and points towards the pool of other websites already in the system.

In order to have your site viewed, you need to spend credits. You earn credits by viewing other websites. When I talk about a ratio below, that ratio is typically how many views you need to make before you earn a credit. Most traffic exchanges also offer you the ability to purchase credits with money, to bypass the time-consuming process of viewing other pages just to get yours viewed.

High Quality Manual Exchanges

  • Traffic Monsoon – This exchange has a 2:1 ratio and a 20-second timer on surfing, but it does allow automatic rotators. It doesn’t require a login to surf. It’s been steadily growing from month to month and broke 20 million hits tracked as of June 2015.
  • EasyHits4u This exchange has a ratio of 1:1 and only a 15-second timer. They allow rotators and don’t require a login. They’re significantly smaller than Traffic Monsoon, with only 600,000 tracked hits. As a bonus, they have five referral tiers for marketers looking to recruit others.
  • Legacyhits – this exchange has been holding relatively steady over the last few months, with only a minor decline in May and June. They have a 10-second timer and do not require a login, but their ratio is only 2:1. They have nearly 1.5 million tracked hits on average.
  • Surfers2u – This exchange has a 4:3 ratio, which is unusual among the higher quality exchanges. It also does not allow rotators. It doesn’t require a login, at least, and they have around a quarter million tracked hits on average.
  • I Love Hits – This exchange has a 3:1 ratio and a 6-second timer. They allow rotators and have no login for surging. They have a referral program, but it only has one level, so the bonus is flat for each referral.
  • StartXchange – This exchange has a 3:1 ratio and a 10-second timer, making it about par for the course. It allows rotators, has no login, and has tracked over two million hits. There’s not much that makes it stand out compared to other exchanges.
  • TopHits4U – This exchange has a 3:1 ratio and a 10-second timer. Sound familiar? Like StartXchange, there’s nothing that really sets this network apart from others on this list.
  • Easyhits2u – Another exchange that has a 2:1 ratio, a 10-second timer, no login, and rotator permissions. This is the problem with many of these networks; there’s nothing that makes them stand apart from others on their tier.
  • ThumbVu – this exchange has a 3:1 ratio, a 10-second timer, rotators, and all the same as the rest. The one major difference is that it requires a login if you want to surf, unusual for the top tier exchanges.
  • Tezak Traffic Power – One of the more originally named exchanges, this one pulls out at the bottom of the “high quality” list with a 3:1 ratio, an 8-second timer and the same rotator permission as most of the other networks.

Low Quality Manual Exchanges

  • Hit Hiefer
  • Surf Central Net
  • Firedragon-Hits
  • AdsTab
  • Global Traffic 4You
  • WatersEdgeHits
  • Free Web Clicks
  • Surfers Traffic Exchange
  • Badger Hits
  • Lighthouse-Traffic

High Quality Autosurf Exchanges

  • Hitleap comes out on top with the ability to set visits per hour on individual URLs. You can hide the referrer as well.
  • 10khits 10KHits offers three different plans: Basic (Free), Pro ($10/mo) and Business ($29/mo). If you are a Basic member, you’ll receive your 100 sign up points upon sign up. You’ll also earn 80% of each hit back to your available points balance. If you don’t have the time or resources to surf, you can purchase one of our subscription plans for 50,000 – 200,000 monthly traffic points and receive 120% – 200% of each hit back to your websites depending on your subscription plan.
  • Homepage Exchange I rank second with their custom timer. They allow you to convert minutes into cash, and they have a good referral program.
  • eBesucher is a high quality site but it caters exclusively to a German audience. They have good targeting and a lot of members, if you can appeal to their niche.
  • 247AutoHits sounds like a poor piece of software, but it’s a decent autosurf network with commissions for referred members who upgrade their accounts.
  • Otohits has a custom time and a custom HTTP referrer, which is a lot of control that poor sites don’t give you.
  • SmileyTraffic has a 20 second timer and over 170,000 members, so it can produce a lot of volume very quickly.
  • WebSyndic is primarily notable for having decent geotargeting, and for having a hybrid English and French audience.
  • Twistrix has custom timers and the option to hide the HTTP referrer, though you can’t customize it as you can on some other networks.
  • FeelingSurf is a French-oriented page with a very modern interface, and they give you the option for unique visitors only, to eliminate unnecessary repeat visits.
  • EliteAutosurf is notable only for their weekly contest for referrals, which can award advocates cash prizes.
  • GlobalBlaster and GlobalHits are two networks operated by the same company and are really the same wide network, so you can sort of access both from one or the other.

Low Quality Autosurf Exchanges

  • CrunchingBT
  • 24Besucher
  • Auto-Surf.de
  • Websurf.cz
  • AutoSurf.sk
  • Auto-surf.pl
  • AutoVisitor
  • 360clicks.de
  • Lautosurf
  • Autosurf.fr