12 Tips for Your First Apartment

1. Read the lease. Know your lease front and back. Don’t get screwed by not reading the fine print.

2. Get renter’s insurance. Accidents happen. Fires happen. Get your stuff protected.

3. Take pictures when you move in. Keep records of the damages in your apartment so your security deposit does not get dinged for it.

4. Buy a plunger. There will come a time when you regret not having one.

5. Blankets are cheaper than heating bills. Put on layers when you are cold. Don’t turn on the heater unless you have to.

6. Set up automatic payments for your bills. Don’t forget to pay your bills.

7. Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean. A dirty kitchen is the quickest way to attract bugs. Bathrooms can get moldy very fast.

8. Don’t start petty wars with the neighbors. Be nice to your neighbors. They can make your life a living hell.

9. Don’t rent furniture. It’s expensive. Buy used when you can.

10. Learn to cook cheap, healthy meals. You will save money by not eating out all the time while not suffering in quality.

11. Clean as you cook. Do the dishes as you cook the food or immediately after you eat. Do not let dishes sit around. It is the easiest way to tick off roommates.

12. Buy bulk and buy generic. Generic stuff is often times the same thing as the brand name, only cheaper. Buying in bulk will save you money as well.