11 Simple Fashion Rules for Men

1. Fit is king. Fit is the single most important aspect of style. Wearing baggy clothes will make you look like a juvenile, and wearing overly tight clothes will just make you look awkward.

2. Have a plan. Do not buy an article of clothing unless you know what you would wear it with and when.

3. No logos. Adults do not wear clothes with logos.

4. Keep the bling to a minimum. You need nothing more than a nice watch and possibly a ring.

5. Wear a belt. If your shirt is tucked in, you should be wearing a belt.

6. Match the shoes to the belt. Brown belt to brown shoes. Black belt to black shoes.

7. Work out. Get into shape. Clothes are made to look good on fit people.

8. Hygiene matters. Take a shower. Brush your teeth. Comb your hair. Shave.

9. Take it easy on the cologne. Avoid giving people a sensory overload.

10. Iron the shirt. Wrinkles look sloppy.

11. Brand names do not matter. Don’t worry about the brand name. Just make sure the cut and quality is good. Do not pay just for a name.